Our Mission

  • To identify worthy claims and present them to suitable funders

  • To provide well-researched, unbiased options for litigation funding products

  • To help parties negotiate the best possible terms

  • To educate our clients about the process of litigation finance and the nuances involved in such deals

  • To help funders and clients explore, evaluate, and select from various litigation funding options that lead to win-win opportunities for all parties involved

Our Vision

To become a one-stop solution for all litigation-funding related needs for both clients and litigation funders

Meet The Team

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Pranav Mago
Chief Executive Officer

Pranav is an accomplished lawyer with global experience and a well-demonstrated history of working in the alternative dispute resolution industry. His areas of interest and specialization include International Law, Legal Assistance, Arbitration, International Arbitration, and Dispute Resolution. 


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Ankush Kochhar

Ankush is an electrical engineer by training. He has previously worked with Cisco Systems in the semiconductor space and with Bain & Company in consulting.

Ankush holds a Masters in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.


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